The standout on his chameleonic roster is the blazingly talented Ani Djirdjirian, who transitions expertly within a gallery of characters who include Julie Andrews, Liza Minnelli, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Barbra Streisand, and the Beggar Woman from “Sweeney Todd.’’ Djirdjirian’s parody of “Another Hundred People,’’ from Sondheim’s “Company’’ (“Another hundred syllables came out of my mouth’’) is one of the high points of the show.” 

                                    - The Boston Globe on Spamilton 

“The vocals are across the board gorgeous. Djirdjirian has a crystal clear pop belt that mixes superbly. Her legit voice (that we only get to hear occasionally) is gorgeous. She pulls quadruple duty as all of the female characters plus some extra-special Broadway royalty cameos.”


-New England Theatre Geek on Spamilton

"Djirdjirian, the only female member, stood out among the rest for her powerhouse vocals and hilarious Liza Minnelli impression."

- The Huntington News on Spamilton

"Djirdirian is an inexhaustible force of nature, with an amazing range and physicality."

- The Theater Mirror on Spamilton

"Good as the men are, Ani Djirdjirian, playing all the Leading Ladies, is such a master clown and impersonator that she's really in a class by herself."

- Critics at Large on Spamilton

"The six-member singing and dancing cast is first rate and they keep the level of visual comedy high. The sensational Ani Djirdjirian, the sole female member of the cast, ignites this worn and familiar material with her verve"


- The Bay State Banner on Spamilton

"Ani Djirdjirian was a real standout as well. She brought Kelly to the stage flawlessly, and her singing was absolutely fantastic."

- The Pop Break on The Office Musical Parody